On 18-March-2017 PMI Armenia Potential Chapter founder and leader Mr. Thomas Mazejian has visited Almaty, Kazakhstan and met with the PMI Kazakhstan Potential Chapter President Mr. Nurkhat Ibadildin and Past President Mr. Rustam Shokamanov.

The main objective of the visit was to discuss different ways of how the two chapters could collaborate. Some of the points discussed was the importance of sharing experiences by inviting to different events organized by the chapters.

“One of the key strategic directions of PMI Armenia Chapter is to work other chapters especially with the CIS countries. We highly believe that project management plays an important role in development of Armenia and Kazakhstan. We are looking forward to improve and enhance our collaboration with PMI Kazakhstan Chapter and other chapters as well” explained Mr. Thomas Mazejian, PMI Armenia Potential Chapter founder and leader.

“I welcome the initiative of PMI Armenia Potential Chapter. We have exchanged some ideas of how we can enhance intra-chapter relationship by sharing experiences and strategies to increase the membership” said Mr. Nurkhat Ibadildin, president of PMI Kazakhstan Potential Chapter.

“I’m very excited and I believe that our collaboration will be beneficial to both chapters. This is a good start for us. By working together we will achieve more and we aim constantly to support each other” added Mr Rustam Shokamanov, past president of PMI Kazakhstan Potential Chapter.